About Us

In 2012, Kimi + Kai was founded by an Easton, PA based mom, Jessie Kiuchi. As a mom of two young children, Jessie grew tired of overpriced maternity apparel that wasn’t appealing or stylish. As a result, Jessie set out to develop her own maternity line that was fashionable, while still being functional and comfortable.


Kimi + Kai’s mission is to make high quality and timeless maternity apparel that is designed to flatter women both during & after pregnancy for any occasion. To achieve that mission, Jessie and her team take a few factors into consideration for each unique design:


Signature Fabric

We searched high and low to find the perfect jersey fabric. Our signature soft stretch-knit fabric is so soft and cozy; you’ll never want to take it off!

Signature Techniques 

We design all of our pieces with your growing belly in mind. Our products are made to grow with your changing body. Whether it is a wrap top or a flowy dress, most of our pieces can be worn well into your fourth trimester and some can even be worn after your little one is born.

Timeless Style 

By capturing a timeless style, our clothes will still be in fashion for years to come. We strive to bring you pieces that can be worn over and over again in a future pregnancy.

Price Assurance

Your maternity wardrobe is unlikely to be as vast as your regular wardrobe. This means you should invest in quality pieces that will withstand the test of time, wear, and many washes. Because we only use the best quality fabrics and most of our items are machine washable, your investment in our clothing is well worth it.


You can create many different looks while using the same pieces over again when wearing Kimi + Kai Maternity. Dress up a pretty dress by wearing your favorite heels or dress it down and wear a pair of flats with your worn in leather jacket. We want you to look and feel your best, effortlessly.


In 2016, Kimi + Kai released its Soft Sole Shoes line for babies. Kimi + Kai shoes are designed in-house by Kimi + Kai employed designers in the USA and Japan. During the design process, not only do we design a good looking shoe, but we make sure that the shoe promotes healthy foot growth. Kimi + Kai shoes have been reviewed by a group of APMA podiatrists to ensure our shoes promote foot health, and have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance.

At Kimi + Kai, every precaution is taken to make sure the highest quality materials are used, and that none of the components used could potentially be a safety hazard. Once the shoe has been designed and a prototype is made, it goes through extensive testing. Kimi + Kai only uses genuine leather, so little feet are still able to breathe. Every piece of leather used is tested by a third party to ensure that all leather is safe from lead or any toxic chemicals and to test sole slip resistance.

All Kimi + Kai products come with a lifetime product warranty, in addition to a 30-day unconditional guarantee where if a customer is not satisfied for whatever reason, Kimi + Kai will refund the purchase, no questions asked. 



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